Why is it beneficial for children to learn martial arts

For children, martial arts can be learnt as a sport and as a self-defense art. Martial art are all about self-discipline.
Self-disciplined people can be built, if the children are directed to learn martial arts, because they can gain self-discipline from the early age of their lives. From the early stage of their childhood, they can work as a team in dojos, they start to respect others and to engage in hard work.
In a martial art dojo, they train as one team and that helps to build the team spirit. 
In most of the martial arts, there is a grading system to evaluate the practitioner.  So, the children can evaluate their selves and that helps to learn about achieving goals in life, and to work hard in order to achieve that goal.
These days many children are physically due to their inactive lifestyles.  By involving in a martial art, they can live an active life and can make their bodies in shape, and they will be able to improve their flexibility.  Learning a martial art builds the confidence to face for any situation in life and overcome it. Martial art is all about discipline and respecting others. In most of the martial arts, before a fight they bow each other and even after a fight also they bow each other, this shows that martial arts help to develop the quality of respecting each other. This helps children to respect others in the society including elders and teachers. In the training of martial art, concentration is an important fact. To develop this concentration and focus katas and meditation sessions are used in many martial arts. And also, this helps to memorize things which have learned in the dojo. Martial arts are not only about physical strength, but also connects with the strength of the mind. 
Martial art teaches to live a better life. Children learn to build a good character in the society, to defend their selves from crimes and other problems in the society. Learning martial arts is an all-in-one full package which parents can involve their children into.