Build Your Power by Unleashing Your Mind

We training your mind, body, and spirit through time tested techniques that will not only improve posture, physical fitness, and health, but also will empower you with the skills to protect you and your loved ones.

Inner Power
Outer Strength

 Read to learn how we managed to grow our martial art Kung Fu in over 30 countries rapidly.

WingTjun System

IWKA Wing Tjun is a special type of Wing Tjun which takes its philosophy from the Three Treasures of Chinese Martial Arts: Health, Philosophy and the Martial Part... More

Sifu Sergio's Biograph

Biography of Sifu Sergio At a tender age of six, the journey of Sifu Sergio Pascal Ladarola, the GM of IWKA, of becoming a professional martial art master began in Amsterdam... More

Our Intructor Team

Our aim is provide you with a highly exciting training experience. Our friendly & qualified instructor team will guide you in learning IWKA Kung Fu Martial Art... More

Our story

The aim of the IWKA is to spread the authentic IWKA Wing Tjun system throughout the world, as handed down in the direct lineage from it’s founders until the present day.

At the IWKA we value high teaching standards. We have no “secrets” and our curriculum offers a very structured way to learn Wing Tjun Kung Fu… More

IWKA WingTjun 12 Ancient Grandmasters in History

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