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    With all students who are training or trained with us, feel free to tell us what you think and feel about our WingTjun martial arts self defense classes. Please drop us an email with your comments to info@startmartialarts.co.uk. 

  • I have been studying various forms of martial arts for almost 20 years. A serious injury 5 years ago made it incredibly painful to practice the more common "Hard" style martial arts. Making it impossible for me to train. A friend suggested I try Wing Tjun due to it's reliance on technique and body mechanics as opposed to physical strength. I am now approaching the one year anniversary of training under Sifu Chris and the IWKA, and I am pleased to report that not only am I in the best physical shape of my entire life, but that I have found Wing Tjun to be more exciting and stimulating than any martial art I have previously encountered. Classes are challenging but offer a fun and supportive atmosphere. Sifu Chris demonstrates all techniques thoroughly and clearly, and is always willing to give personal hands-on instruction as needed. Not to mention the more experienced students who are always more than happy to offer advice and encouragement. Wing Tjun has very quickly become a personal obsession of mine, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone

    Dale Carpenter Freelance Bespoke Cake Artist

  • I have been practicing and learning under the teachings of Sifu Chris and what has struck me is the level of clear commitment he has for WingTjun and to his students, I feel genuinely grateful for the lessons learned. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming with a wealth of experienced individuals who are more than happy to help you learn. The increased confidence and strength have been one of the few benefits I have learned and carry with me into other areas of life including new friends. The biggest benefit I have found in working with Sifu Chris has been learning to relax as much as possible. I could not believe how tense I normally carry my body through life and the level of speed and strength someone can tap into once they practice this skill. For those that want to learn WingTjun, I cannot recommend IWKA enough. For those that are tired of being afraid and want to learn a framework for controlling their fear I highly recommend IWKA and Sifu Chris.

    Stephen Maguire Software Developer

  • I started Wing Tjun almost 10 years ago now, and originally joined as I found the concept more interesting than Judo or Karate. The aim was to gain a better understanding of self defence and what could be realistically applied in an “ordinary” situation.During my years of learning the system I have found it be very useful in regard to building confidence in yourself, understanding body mechanics, non-violent restraint, and have found that the techniques are fairly universal to any situation, rather than set drills for set scenarios – the benefit of this is clear, as you cannot predict what will happen should you have to defend yourself. The best feature of the system for me, and also what I enjoy the most is always knowing there is more to come – there is always another level of understanding to move on to. This is a great motivation for me, especially if I train with somebody of a higher grade, as it gives me the drive to better myself.

    Joel Hyland Account Manager

  • I started generic WingTjun in 1997, having been inspired by Bruce Lee's films, in particular - the classic 'Enter the Dragon' which I remember watching over and over on repeat. After my local club shut down in 1999, I had a break from the art during my time at University, and was lucky to find a new WingTsun school when I was ready to resume my studies in 2004, which I joined and became an active member of. During my WingTjun career I have noticed an improvement in my hand-eye-coordination, reaction speeds have rapidly increased, calmness during physical training and confrontational situations generally, with improved self awareness. Some of the things that I love the most about Wing Tjun are the sense of continual achievement that it gives me, interaction with like-minded people and the chance to go someway to being like my childhood hero Bruce Lee.

    Mark Roberts BEng(Hons) OND MIET, Senior Electrical Engineer, Building Services Engineering

  • I wish I found this WingTsun martial art school earlier. The quality of instruction is outstanding. Instructor is very detail and really motivate to see succeed. It is easy to learn as the instructor explains everything in great detail. The best martial art school in town.

    Simon B .

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