Kung Fu Self-Defence Open Day

Maidenhead │ Slough │ Watford │ Hemel Hempstead │ Milton Keynes │ Luton │ Harrow Friends, Couples & Families are Welcome

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Self-defense is protection

More women are needed in Kung Fu

The Power of Protection in our unique Self-Defence Ope Day.
This 2-week course is free for everyone over 18 years old*.
We focus on major street attacking technique/defence to help you escape safely.
Courses run in Maidenhead, Slough, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes, Luton & Harrow, London.

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1. Look like a tough target

Before an attacker even thinks about striking, your best self-defence is to look as strong and confident as possible. We will explain more in the course.

2. Make yourself hard to hold

If an attacker comes from behind you and traps you in a “bear hug” with arms wrapped around your body, what will you do?

3. Target a choker’s thumbs

When you’re being choked, we will teach you how to escape.

4. Aim for the hands in a headlock

In a headlock, the attacker has an elbow on one side of your neck and a hand on the other. What you need to do is..

5. Hit the most vulnerable areas

Don’t just punch someone in the chest or arms if you need to fight back in self-defence. We will guide you what/how to do.

6. Hold your body ready to punch

Your attacker probably knows about the “breathing and breeding” rule, too. We will tell you techniques of  protecting yourself and punching the attackers.

7. Know how to defend a punch

Punches can come from many ways, but what is the best way?

8. Flatten your foot to kick

Your instinct might be to kick with your toes facing up; however, there are more moves you can do.

9. Know when to give up

Don’t try to be a hero if someone wants your purse or wallet. We will advise you to give up in some scenarios in order to protect yourself. 

10. Practice, Practice, Practice

Trusted by The Best

Every one of our team instructors is devoted to delivering the most practical Kung Fu self-defence.

Chris Watts

Chief Instructor

wingtjun martial art ian instructor

Ian Kilkenny


wingtjun martial arts martin instructor

Martin Teefy


wingtjun martial art ian instructor Val

Val Santucci

Instructor assistant

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*Terms & Conditions: This offer is for a 2 week free triple protection self defence course. New student only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other trial lesson offer. This self defence course takes place in Maidenhead, Slough, Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Luton, Milton Keynes & Harrow martial schools only. The IWKA martial arts reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time, without notice, and to take appropriate action, including the cancellation of the offer if, in its discretion, it deems such action necessary.