Learning WingTjun Kung Fu

Why is WingTjun A Practical Martial Art System to Learn

Martial art is a form of a fighting style and Martial art is a complete full body workout. It is effective to our day to day life to defend ourselves from the threats which comes from the outsiders. Its gives more confidence to the practitioners, because in martial arts, they train to be stronger physically and mentally both. Awareness of the environment and the ability to focus on something is also gain from the martial arts. Martial arts also help to reduce the stress.

Learning a martial art is having benefits for both physical and mental health. Physically, it gives an active and strong body, a strong mind set and also social, spiritual, and emotional well-being and also improvements in self-esteem and self-control skills. The other physical benefits are fat burning, increase of the mobility, reflexes, strength, coordination, flexibility, better cardiovascular health, improved blood pressure. Mentally it improves self-confidence, values and morals, focusing and improved moods.

Martial arts makes a more confidence person to the society by the training. That training is not only for the body. That training is for the whole body and mind as they train the person to face any kind of situation with a calm mindset. In martial arts training it is trained to control our emotions, our stress, our anger and ourselves. So a person who train like this get confidence to face any kind of challenge and to face any situation rather than other people. 

By comparing to other martial arts forms wing chun is very easy to learn and it can learn by any gender and any age category. Wing chun is built to take the opponent effortlessly.  Wing chun is better for self-defense than most other systems because in wing chun, it is focused more on body structure, alacrity and practice. This type of martial arts can be learnt by the people of any kind of age category quickly. It’s easy to learn and apply in such needed situations. This martial art type requires more practice, consistency and mental focus. This is a very effective self-defense system against any kind of larger and stronger opponent. The wing chun training goes with the internal strength and they train to meditate of the own body and environment.  These are the reasons that wing chun is better for self-defense than most other systems. 

 In most of the gyms the main focus is to build muscles or to loose fat. They are not considering about the strength training and about internal fitness. But in martial arts they are focusing on muscle strength and the mental strength. Especially in Kung fu they train their body and mind both. They are not focusing on muscle building but they are focusing on both physical and mental strength in their training. If someone is going to gym only to get fat loss rather than building muscles, joining into a kung fu session is greater rather than going to the gym, because learning kung fu is a full package for the both mind and body.

Learning a martial art helps to defend our own selves and our loved ones from such situations. Most important thing is to avoid that kind of situations. A person who has learnt a martial art never goes to attack first. He or she always tries to ignore the situation or to avoid it. Sometimes that helps to stay out of the troubles. In a dangerous situation, always we must not panic. When we panic we are running out of solutions. A well trained martial artist never panic in a dangerous situation and he or she remains in calm and then at first that person tries to understand the type of situation and after that he or she tries to reduce the impact. Always in a dangerous situation we should take care of our loved ones and get them out of the situation. 

Engaging in martial arts is a great hobby on one’s life. Hobbies are having lots of advantages such as increasing the confidence, reducing stress of the life and helping for a socialize life. When comparing to other hobbies, martial arts can built up one’s confidence level at a maximum level as martial artists are being trained to have confidence in the training, during the game and also to be confident on the life too. People can be mentally productive by reducing the stress of their lives. Practicing martial arts lower the risk of having high blood pressure and thereby it promotes better health. Being a hobby which effects on the physical well-being, it helps to reduce stress by the chemical changes in the body that occur due to the physical activities. Hobbies provide space for being socialized. Martial arts is a better hobby to be socialized. This allows chances to meet new people, to connect with the people who are having same ideas as yourself and to share knowledge with them. Taking a break from the monotonous life style and engaging in such a good hobby help people to maintain their lives in a balanced way.