"Kung Fu Is The Best Thing You Can Offer to Your Child!"

Dear Parent/Carer,

You may think, “how can Kung Fu lead my child to success and improving self-confidence?” The answer is more than you can imagine! With over 15 years experience, we have seen the positive changes in children during the Kung Fu trainings. No other sport can change them in so many ways. See that your child gets more self-confidence and energy. See how they can not be stopped on their potential talents.

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IWKA Martial Art Kung Fu Children Lessons Introduction

You can leave your child safe in the knowledge that we will look after them. All of our Martial Arts instructors are:

☑ Fully DBS Checked
☑ First Aid Trained
☑ Fully Insured

Your little martial artist will block, punch and kick their way through this positive, non-competitive twist on the authentic kung fu, Obstacle courses, high energy music, skill-based activities and games create fun learning opportunities to help kids Thrive in Life and become successful; yet to do better at home and school.

Some children cannot concentrate and lack of enthusiasm which affect their life. Our martial arts “Growth Programme” can train children to adjust their coordination, exercise self-challenge and discipline, which help children to grow up healthily. Our grading level is divided into different levels, the grading examination system is regularly promoted, it started from the white belt.  According to the progress of your child’s level, we help them to achieve professional black belt. The advantage of progressive promotion, children will continue to challenge themselves and their learning attitude will be more focused in order to reach higher levels, fulfill sense of achievement, satisfaction and self-confidence and cultivate a progressive learning attitude from an early age.

We are inviting you to check out one of the most successful martial arts programmes! Call as soon as possible. Our programs FILL-UP FAST! Register early and insure your spot. Don’t worry! Our instructors consistently teach all students that Kung Fu skills require them never to be abusive or offensive and are only for use defensively. After a short period of time children will improve while maintaining confidence and high personal self-esteem.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you in our schools.

Chris Watts
Chief Instructor


Martial arts Kung Fu Panda Certificate

Our goal isn’t to make children into champion fighters – it’s to make them champions in life!

IWKA KungFu-Kids Growth Programme features,
• Get Moving! Athleticism, agility & flexibility.
• Brain Boost! Focus, visualization & memory.
• Civilised Children! Self-control, respect for others & self-assurance.

During the lessons, your child will be learning,
• Self-defence & anti-bullying to avoid danger.
• Good Behaviour & self-discipline.
• Concentration, confidence & positivity.
• Progression with regular gradings to black belt. In a Friendly & Fun learning environment.

Look at it this way. Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights in school,” or “beating up a child that is a bully.” It comes, instead, from battling more sinister forces.
Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting…himself. His innermost fears.

Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force.
A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of his own doubts,
a force that opens your child to the exalting power of values.


martial arts children grade certificate
Martial Arts Kids Class Tiger Certificate

Children can start at the Kung Fu Tigers from 7 years old. They come in the IWKA Kung Fu Tiger programme. The Kung Fu Tiger Programme has two age groups:

  • The group Kung Fu Tigers 1 is for the youngest children from 7 years to ± 9 years
  • The group Kung Fu Tigers 2 is for children from 10 years up to ± 12 years

Read more at the training Kung Fu Tigers, please select ‘introduction’ on the tabs.

The group classification by age is not a fixed rule. The student goes to the next group when this suits the student. In generic age is used as a criterion.

The Road to Black Belt are the (first) steps to the black belt in Kung Fu. Children who move from the Tigers to the juniors will see the level achieved by the Tigers rewarded in the inflow at the level already reached by them.

Click here for Training times and locations.


Children can join adult class from 13 years old. In adult classes, student can train twice a week in different locations and learn more self defence techniques to protest themselves.

The road to Black Belt in Kung Fu. Children who move from the Tigers to the adult classes will see the level achieved by the Tigers reward. The route leads to the adult black belt via 12 levels. This route is roughly divided into 5 colours.

To find out more about adult class please click here.

IWKA WingTjun Kung Fu Kids Grading Belt System


kung fu self defense
White Belt. With the white belt the first skills of the IWKA Wing Chun Kung Fu are taught. The etiquette in the exercise room provides the necessary respect for teacher and other students.
Yellow belt. The yellow belt continues with the first skills of the IWKA Wing Chun Kung Fu. The etiquette in the exercise room provides the necessary respect for the teacher and other students.
uthentic Kung fu Techniques
Red Belt.
children martial art grades
Red Belt with Green.
grades of Self-defence
Green Belt.
kids kung fu
Green Belt with Purple.
learn martial arts in slough, Maidenhead
Purple Belt.
children martial art grades
Purple Belt with Blue.
kids kung fu Blue Belt
Blue Belt.
kid Self defence in hemel hempsted
Blue Belt with Brown.
learn martial arts slough
Brown Belt.
kids martial art grades in watford
Brown Belt with Black
kung fu kid martial-arts classes-slough-maidenhead-watford-hemel-hempstead
Brown Belt with Black, Level 2
kung fu kid martial-arts classes-slough-maidenhead-watford-hemel-hempstead
Brown Belt with Black, Level 3
kung fu self defence children Black Belt
Black Belt. You made it! Your black belt is something to be proud of. This does not take anyone away from you anymore. You have the right to take the next step in your own development in the Kung Fu.

Self‐defence Tips for Guardians & Children

• Senario 1: Attacker 4yrs to 10yrs

Focusing on awareness, avoidance, prevention and defending against bully attacks. We will always teach preventing, de-escalation and avoidance techniques first.
After 1 year of training, your child should have the courage and confidence to stand up to bullies while having the skills to neutralize an attack from a bully and ensure the bully cannot continue more attacks.
We live in the real world where some young children are taking their own lives due to being bullied. The goal of our techniques is always personal safety of one self and others. Sometimes verbal de-escalation does not work and this is why focusing more on the tools to protect yourself is so important.

• Senario 2: Attacker 11yrs+ 17yrs

The young teen self defense class integrates the mind-body-spirit into developing skills for self-protection and avoidance of danger.
Physically, students practice full force fights against the padded assailant that include boundary setting by applying the gentle art of verbal self-defense and conflict de-escalation. They will also have numerous full force drills before they practice against the padded assailant.
Mentally, we address the tactics predators most often use to lure and then victimize young teens. We focus on both deception and pressure lures that predators and manipulators apply to isolate their victims.
Emotionally, we merge the physical and mental into the fighting spirit needed for effective self-protection. When students understand the ploys and tactics, they simultaneously begin to build their fighting spirit.
Though our Teenage Self Defense course is shorter than our Women’s Basic Self Defense course, the dynamics of the Model Mugging system improves teenage self-esteem by teaching girls to fight back. This is the quickest and best self defense teenage girls can experience. Tactics taught to boys work for developing self-confidence, especially for stopping bullying.

• Senario 3: Attackers 18yrs+

When it comes to attacks from adults we teach correct prevention behaviour, running away from danger, calling for help and self defence by surprising the attacker with ferocious attacks. Defending against adult attacks require more aggressive techniques and we teach children to do a suprise strike to the groin, eyes, throat and nose of an adult attacker, then escape to safety.
The self defence taught is a combination of WingTjun Martial Arts and Kung‐Fu skills.

parents who talk about us

Check out our testimonials from adults and children’s parents, why they love WingTjun Martial arts and how it helps their life. We’d love to have you as a happy student/parent too.

“Khaira and Kadir love coming to IWKA and have learnt to stay focused. Each session they remember the word of the week and love to share it with people outside of the club. Both teachers are fantastic and keep the club fun and children engaged throughout the class.
Highly recommended the class to anyone” .


Haditi, Housewife

“I can’t recommend Sifu Chris Kung Fu enough! I have incredibly increased strength, technique and confidence. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained and the people I have encountered on my martial art journey, it is very friendly environment, I am always laughing and smiling along the way” .


Grace Eriksson, Account Manager

“Life has been attending this class for a new 3 years intensity cognitive Cumberland and his company’s Luke has now been outclassed for nearly a year and I enjoyed it.”


Ammy, Business Development Manager

“My daughter’s been aiming coming for almost a year and she’s really enjoying the classes children with their discipline as well as playing games with person little wonder they won’t get bored it would be different if I’ve started teachers.”


Joanna, Mother

“Benjamin and Joseph have thoroughly enjoyed your classes so far. Their concentration skills have improved, so has their listening skills they have not stopped telling all their friends and family how much they love coming. Thank you so much for having them at class.” .


Hannah Deacon

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