2019 IWKA Wing Chun
Kung Fu Seminar

14Days 13Hours 55Minutes 31Seconds
  • Sunday 23 June
    9:15am Registration
    9:30am - 13:30pm
  • SportsAble, Maidenhead
    Braywick Sports Ground,
    Maidenhead, SL6 1BN
  • Presented by
    IWKA WingTjun Master
    SiFu Mauro Gibin

2019 IWKA Martial Arts Wing Chun Kung Fu Seminar in London

Get to know the real KungFu

WingTjun has been developed over the years by studying many different styles of Wing Chun with additional internal training and well-known around the world.

Touch hands with other IWKA UK students

Enjoy a rewarding experience by meeting and training with other SiFu's and WingTjun students from the UK.

sifu mauro seminar 2019 teaching kung fu

Enjoy professional Teaching

Sifu Mauro's seminars are fun, educational, safe, and perfect for you to understand internal WingTjun (Wing Chun) and advanced training applications.

IWKA UK invite you to this extraordinary event

Is Your Wing Chun Achieving The Results You Expected For your Martial Arts Journey?

IWKA UK is hosting national seminar of 2019 with SiFu Mauro Gibin, 7th Level Master in the IWKA and Master Student of SiFu Sergio. This event is open to everyone and is the perfect opportunity to see the teaching and training methods of the IWKA.

For non-IWKA members, please request a ticket and we will review and send an invitation to you shortly.

Limited places available. Register Today.

sifu mauro seminar 2019 teaching

Master Level SiFu Mauro Gibin will be teachinging & covering on the following;

– In-Depth Information
SiFu Mauro Gibin will be on hand to pass on his knowledge to all the IWKA UK members and share in-depth information on the true essence of internal WingTjun Kung Fu. The latest developments of the IWKA training methods will be taught and trained. This seminar will also introduce the meaning of each application, as well as how these techniques are used in actual fighting and self-defence situations.

– Make Your Internal WingTjun (Wing Chun) Work
In this seminar you will be taught training methods for acquiring both yin and yang forces. Internal force is soft and powerful; slow but fast; less but more. With this force, the old can defeat the young; the small can beat the strong; and the student becomes a master!

– Student Grade Testing
Please speak with your instructor to make sure you’re ready.


By attending this extraordinary event, you will get into our Lucky Draw!

Limited places only.
Book your free spot now!


SiFu Mauro Gibin, 7th Level Master in the IWKA and Master Student of SiFu Sergio. SiFu Sergio has constantly been researching and developing the IWKA to present what he feels is the true WingTjun Kung Fu system should be and He’s always been open and wished to share his findings.

SiFu Mauro started martial arts journey relatively in his age of 19 years. In this seminar he will be the perfect opportunity for you to attend and see first hand. As we’re sure you’ve known about IWKA so why not come and find out more for yourself. We’ll look forward to seeing you there!


“I found this to be very valuable. I am now motivated and have started to set up my internal empowerment plan. ”


– Alen Merchant, Business Owner

“Extremely informative and had a positive attitude. Provided the knowledge to make real changes to implement the best of Wing Tjun technique and internal.”


– Richard Clark , Accountant

“Excellent – I have picked up some good ideas to implement. Thank you! Sifu Mauro.”


– Kathrine Ware, Account Manager

IWKA seminar free parking

2019 IWKA WingTjun Kung Fu Seminar


Braywick Sports Ground,
Maidenhead SL6 1BN

(A few minutes walk from Maidenhead railway station which is connecting to London Paddington)


14Days 11Hours 12Minutes 25Seconds

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