🙏 Attendance Certificate Rewards to IWKA kids Martial Artists

Attendance Reward

Dear students and parents,

We like to encourage children to attend our online streaming academy regularly. By attending online streaming martial arts classes will help children to improve their, 

👊 Good Behaviour & Self-discipline.
👊 Self-defence & Anti-bullying to Avoid Danger.
👊 Concentration, Confidence & Positiveness.

Today we celebrated our amazing attenders! Those children who have attended will be awarded a certificate. This is a fabulous achievement and so many children achieved this. Well done indeed.

Please tell us your child’s name and home address by texting me on 0780 983 9527 or email info@startmartialarts.co.uk.

Do not worry, we have not forgotten about the gradings for adults/children class and will discuss when we are back to class, it should not be too far away. 

Any questions please ask. 

Chief Instructor: Sifu Chris