• WingTsun Martial Arts Q & A

    • Where can I train WingTsun martial Arts?

      We have schools starting from ages 4 years for children and 13+ for adults. Our classes are in Hemel Hempstead (Mondays), Bracknell (Mondays), Slough (Tuesdays), Watford (Wednesdays), Windsor (Thursdays). Contact us on 0780 983 9527 to enrol for 2 weeks free training.

    • Do you offer any free training for me to come down and try out your martial art?

      Yes we offer 2 weeks free training to get you started. Contact us on 0780 983 9527 to get started on your journey.

    • Do you have a grading syllabus so I can see my progression whilst learning your system?

      We have a 12 student grading syllabus. Which will take you through kicking punching, Knees, elbows, multiple attacks, defence against bat and knives, kicking and counter kicking also lots more. Then we have Technician (blackbelt) levels 1-4 which is the higher level of training. Then Master grades 5 and above.

    • What do I need to wear and bring for my first class

      Wear sports clothing and comfortable shoes, also being a bottle of water.

    • Do you have any seminar or courses during the year?

      We have WingTsun Masters who visit the UK about 5 times a year to teach weekend seminars. Once a year we have our international seminar in Germany, which is a 3 day event. All students can attend.

    • Are you part of a large organisation?

      We are part of the EWTO (European WingTsun Organisation) and also affiliated with the IWTA. Making us of of the biggest Organisations in the world with over million members in over 64 countries.

  • WingTsun Demo

  • Defending a round punch