• Self Defence Understanding Body Language
    Being "switched on" to your surroundings and aware of your situation is one of the most important factors of your personal safety. WT will teach you easy to understand techniques of awareness & avoidance.

    • Fitness
    Our WingTsun fitness sessions are Ideal For You, whether you are a man or woman, any age or condition, you don't need to be young or fit to enjoy a little WT body tune up. Our experienced instructor will work with you personally at the level you are comfortable with. You can monitor your progress over time and be amazed at how quickly your personal fitness levels can be increased.

    • Confidence 
    Modern life is full of opportunities and challenges, to make the most of it you requires large amounts of confidence. When confidence fails you life can feel like a survival course with impossibly high hurdles, when it drives you the world seems a treasure chest of potential achievement. One area that makes a large difference to how you are percieved and how confident you feel is our presentation skills. Once you can control the perception people have of you, it is much easier to be confident about your abilities.


    Student grades

    The WingTsun Syllabus consists of twelve student grades which cover the first two forms, Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu, .

    The student grades can be split into three sections, based on the topics they cover:

    1st – 4th Student Grades

    1st – Fundamentals of movement and style, long range engaging, beginning of SNT.
    2nd – Long range fighting, with bridging, all of SNT.
    3rd – Long to mid-range attacks.
    4th – Mid to short-range attacks, beginning of Chum Kiu.

    5th – 8th

    5th – Short range attacks, and fighting with two hands simultaneously.
    6th – Poon Sao andChi Sao
    7th – Chi Sao 1st attack
    8th – Chi Sao

    9th – 12th

    9th – Against a single attacker.
    10th – Multiple attackers.
    11th – Against a single attacker with a weapon.
    12th – Against multiple attackers with weapons.

    Instructor Grades

    At the instructor levels, the student begins training in the more advanced forms of Wing Tsun including Biu Tze, Wooden Dummy, Butterfly Knives and Long Pole.

    From 1st to 4th Technician levels, the student learns Biu Tze form and begins learning Wooden Dummy. Between 5th to 8th Practitioner level, the student learns the final parts of the system. From 9th to 11th Philosopher level, The final, Twelth grade is awarded only posthumously, as it presupposes that the one who achieved it, has achieved perfection – and as that is impossible as long as one remains human, it is forever out of reach

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